How to; Affiliate marketing for Beginners

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This is the key to making money online. How to do affiliate marketing is the most debated subject at this time.


Is it a pandemic or not? This has the world in its grip. It is the most discussed subject and has affected our lives the most.

Why did I mention COVID19?

COVID19 has made us lose our jobs, locked us up in our homes, created a whole new stress level that even the simple joys of life, taking a walk on the beach visiting friends and family have been denied.

Why have I put COVID19 with Affiliate marketing?

It is COVID19 that has made me and I am sure you as well, look for an alternative income.

I am a swimming teacher and I also draw up house plans as an Architectural draughtswoman. I was not making a fortune but I was managing to the least earn an income then we woke up to the news of COVID19 and that as the saying goes was the last nail in the coffin. This made me look to the internet to make an income.

Was it my first time?

No! This not the first time I have turned to the internet to find how to get an alternative income. I have tried various methods but I was not to successful.

The silver lining of Covid19

I am not at all in agreement with the lock down. The silver lining is, that it made me think that I need to get serious about doing an online business and getting that alternative income.

So Why Affiliate Marketing?

It is sales; You become a sales representative online for other people.

Before the internet and you wanted to become a sales representative you had to get employed by a company or you could be a freelance sales representative and then you needed a car, attend product meetings, do cold calling and all the responsibility of selling a product.

Well now with affiliate marketing you are a sale representative online, and the best is you get to choose the product or products that you want to sell. To top it off;

You don’t need a car. Driving in Traffic waiting for the traffic light to change

You don’t need to do cold calling Telephone Handset to depict cold calling

You don’t need to attend product meetings Sitting in a meeting with note books open

How to do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet?

You find a niche, you find a product that your niche is about, you create a web page, you write about your niche and your product, you advertise, you wait for people to come to your website (traffic) and turn your visitors or your potential customer into a sale with your witty content on your web page.

All sounds so simple and a matter-of- fact and it is. There is a learning curve that is similar to becoming a sale representative for a company, you have to learn the ropes. Let me tell you a secret there are a lot of new ropes to learn.

  • SEOTypewriter with a WORDPRESS typed out
  • Auto Responder
  • Webpage
  • Backlinks
  • Plugin
  • Widgets
  • Meta Data
  • Meta Tags
  • ETC. And the list goes on

I have paid my school fees and chased programs that promise that they will teach me how to make money online. Somewhere good and somewhere terribly.

Why did I not make money online until now?

It was a two-fold problem I had issues to deal with and some of the programs I latched onto were just bad others were really good. It is a two-way street you can have the best program and the best teachers but if you are like me that seems to be chasing your own tail then you set your self up for failure.

How many times do you need to fail before you succeed?

As many times as it takes for you to go through the learning curve and succeed. Don’t give up eventually it will come together. You are going to learn a whole new bag of tricks and that takes time. This journey is not only going to help you only to learn about the internet but you will also embark on a journey of self-discovery. Don’t lose heart this is where you use all the tools at your disposal to grow inwardly and outwardly. This is were YouTube and all those wonderful people out there that give us motivational talks. I listen to many of them a few that stand out to me the most is Douglas Kruger (South Africa) and Guru Sada both of them make life practical and give sound advice and well worth listening to.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

They give you a free trial and it is a genuine free trial. They teach you the basics and if you do it diligently and follow the training you could make money.

Then they have a monthly option that is very reasonable for the value you receive.

Traffic is the biggest driving factor of any website. You can like it to people walking past your shop in a mall somebody will come in and buy something that is traffic, but you get very little if any people coming into your shop to buy if your shop is tucked away in a dead-end with no people walking past.

You will learn that to drive traffic to your websites is the most challenge thing you will ever do with your online affiliate marketing. Within Wealthy Affiliate they equip you to help you drive traffic with no extra cost. The other networks I tried they teach you everything but they leave out traffic they make that the holy grail and it always cost extra.

I joined them in 2016 and then I had the shiny object syndrome and chased other programs that looked promising. I think what also stopped me was the monthly fee they ask but I had no idea that their monthly fee was well worth it with what they teach you and the tools they give you. After doing my cook’s tour and at the beginning of this year I had made up my mind to stop chasing shiny objects and get serious about making money online.

I can just thank the Good Lord that he led me back to them and that I was still receiving a newsletter although I had not gone onto their platform since 2016.

I was very impressed that I could log in and although it was 5 years later I could still do the free section.

Here I am busy with my second web page. The 1st web page that looks terrible to me has been indexed by google and that means I am not the shop tucked away in a dead-end I am seen, eventual by the masses. This is what I have been trying to achieve for 5 years and I achieved with Wealthy Affiliate within TWO(2) WEEKS, no kidding, when I fully appreciated what it means to be indexed by Google I was over the moon, it was my best achievement to date.

I am an affiliate marketer and I sell products online as a glorified sales representative.

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